Target 3001

We will use the following layer allocation list. Please send us together with your data an information if there are differences.

Target No. Target Name Description WEdirekt Name
16 Copper Top Top-Layer VS
15 Deletion Top Top-Layer VS
14 Area Top Top-Layer VS
2 Copper Bottom Bottom-Layer RS
18 Soldermask Top Soldermask Top LSMVS
4 Soldermask Bottom Soldermask Bottom LSMRS
21 Position Top Silcscreen Top SEVS
7 Position Bottom Silcscreen Bottom SERS
19 Solder Paste Top Solder Paste Top PASTE-VS
5 Solder Paste Bottom Solder Paste Bottom PASTE-RS
24 Drill hole PTH/NPTH-Drills and PTH slots BOHR1
13 Copper inside Innerlayer 2 L2A00
12 Deletion inside Innerlayer 2 L2A00
11 Area inside Innerlayer 2 L2A00
10 Copper inside Innerlayer 3 L3A00
9 Deletion inside Innerlayer 3 L3A00
8 Area inside Innerlayer 3 L3A00
23 Outline PCB-Contour, cut outs and slots KONTUR

The copper layer in Target 3001 always consists of three layers

  • layer copper contains the tracks
  • layer area contains ground areas
  • layer delete contains surfaces around the tracks (to check distances)
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