Altium Designer (up to version 20)

We will use the following layer allocation list. Please send us together with your data an information if there are differences.

Layer Name Extension Description WEdirekt Name
G1, G2, etc. Mid-Layer 1, 2 , etc. L2, L3, etc.
GBL Bottom Layer RS
GBO Bottom Overlay SERS
GBP Bottom Paste-Mask PASTE-RS
GBS Bottom Solder Mask LSMRS
GD1, GD2, etc. Drill-Drawing PLAN1, PLAN2, etc.
GG1, GG2, etc Drill Guide (DK/NDK-Drills
und DK Slots)
GKO Keep Out Layer
GM1, GM2, etc Mechanical Layer 1, 2, etc. (incl. cut-outs and slots) KONTUR
INFO2, INFO3, etc.
GP1, GP2, etc. Internal Plane Layer 1, 2, etc. L2, L3, etc
GPB Pad Master Bottom
GPT Pad Master Top
GTL Top Layer VS
GTO Top Overlay SEVS
GTP Top Paste Mask PASTE-VS
GTS Top Solder Mask LSMVS
P01, P02, etc Gerber Panels
APR Aperture-File Aperturetable (RS274X)
APT Aperture-File Aperturetable (RS274D)
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