December 2013: Achieve your targets faster - HDI Microvia PCBs now available online at WEdirekt

The HDI specialist Würth Elektronik has set new standards in the PCB industry. Recently, HDI microvia PCBs are available on the online shop, WEdirekt. Within just a few clicks, your HDI PCB is calculated and the price is shown immediately online. Ordering prototypes is thus considerably simplified and faster.

Normally, the following statement applies: low quantity required plus a complicated production process results in high costs. This is not so at Würth Elektronik. Due to its mass of experience, the PCB manufacturer is a specialist in the field HDI and has now expanded its online shop with this technology. HDI Microvia PCBs can be ordered at competitive prices starting with no minimum order quantity. "It’s an interesting development, especially for designers and developers because they can order HDI microvia prototypes without driving up costs," explains Carina Harnisch, the WEdirekt team leader.

"Using a layer structure which has been proven in practice, long clarifications are no longer necessary," says Mrs Harnisch. Due to this advantage, HDI Microvia PCBs can now also be ordered on the Online Store. "We are responding to specific market requirements, prototypes are needed more quickly," explains Denis Giba, CEO of Würth Elektronik. An easy-to-use configurator guides you through the order. Within a few clicks, your HDI microvia PCB can be configured, calculated and ordered. "The buyer must no longer request a quotation in advance. This saves a lot of time and money, " explained Mr Giba.

Firstly, there are two versions of these boards to purchase at WEdirekt: PCBs with four or six layers using a layer structure of 1-2-1 or 1-4-1 respectively. Thickness from 0.8 to 1.55 mm are available. For more complex HDI microvia printed circuit boards, the specialists from Würth Elektronik can provide further assistance. Denis Giba mentions the future, "We have started at WEdirekt with the most popular layer stack ups. If we see that the market requires more stack ups, it is quite conceivable that the HDI online portfolio will be increased."

With this offer, WEdirekt leads the industry. "We measure ourselves on the requirements and demands of our customers," said Giba "We offer a simple and uncomplicated order process with competitive pricing with no minimum order quantity, so that our customers reach their goals faster.“

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