From 18 July 2022: TG 150 replaces TG 135

We at Würth Elektronik are continuously working on optimizing our products and processes. Therefore, as of July 18, 2022, we will only offer FR4 TG150 as the base material for rigid PCBs in our WEdirekt shop. All repeat orders will also be manufactured with FR4 TG150. If the use of FR4 TG135 is mandatory for you, please contact us. We will find a solution together.

You may be wondering what is the benefit here? This change enables us to lower the prices for FR4 TG150 to the level of FR4 TG135. If you have previously had your PCBs manufactured with FR4 TG150, you will now benefit directly from the better prices. If your previous choice was FR4 TG135, you now get a material with higher temperature resistance and improved cycle stability for the same price. This leads to the improvement of robustness for soldering processes and reliability in case of frequent temperature changes.

We have implemented the price adjustments, so you can already benefit from the planned changeover!

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