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My PCB (Guidance)

Do you usually have similar requirements for your printed circuit board? Perfect!
Then use the "My PCB" function to create and manage your personal PCB configuration.

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  • ECO Stencil
  • SMD Stencil
SMD Stencil
  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Top + Bottom (on one stencil)
  • rectangular
  • self-tensioning frame system
  • yes
  • no
  • cutting through
  • engraving
  • black filling
cutting through
  • contour centered
  • layout centered
  • like layout file
contour centered
  • Standard
  • WE-Polish
  • PCB side
  • Squeegee side
PCB side
  • bottom left
  • centered below
  • bottom right
  • top left
  • centered above
  • top right
bottom left
  • 80 µm
  • 100 µm
  • 120 µm
  • 130 µm
  • 150 µm
  • 180 µm
  • 200 µm
  • 250 µm
  • 300 µm
120 µm
  • none (like file)
  • over all
  • selective
none (like file)
  • 2 WD
  • 3 WD
  • 4 WD
  • 5 WD
  • 6 WD
  • 7 WD
  • 8 WD
  • 9 WD
  • 10 WD
  • 15 WD
  • 18 WD
  • 20 WD
6 WD
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PCB (Non-Pooling)
Price per piece EUR 99
Net value EUR 99

excl. VAT 16%
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EUR 0,00

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excl. shipping incl. VAT 16%

Technical possibilities: What can I order?

At WEdirekt, we offer you a wide range of different technologies. To ensure that you always have an overview of what is possible, we have created a summary of the options to order.

To the technical possibilities

Order PCBs and Stencils quickly and easily online!

Order your PCBs 24/7 directly from the manufacturer. Standard, HDI Microvia, Flex rigid, TWINflex® and flexible PCBs. We provide samples in every popular technology within short delivery times. You don’t pay tooling costs and you can calculate the price of your PCB instantly using our online PCB configurator.

Beside PCB prototypes we also offer boards in higher quantities. Thus we are able to offer you high quality boards with favourable prices. Of course the PCBs are produced according to IPC A-600 Class 2.

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